Patricia Sullivan and the new Board of Directors for 2020-21 were installed last week in a digital event, that was as inspiring as it was groundbreaking. Dozens of Rotarians and their friends joined in by Zoom, proving that distance is not a barrier when we don’t want it to be a barrier.
In her address to the gathering, Patricia announced a set of goals that include:
 – continued support for Shelterbox; 
 – explore how we can help address inequalities in our town, and cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging;
 – explore whether we can do more than just provide food and money to the Food Pantry for folks who are in need;
 – think about what we could do to encourage people of color and other minorities to join our club;  
 – expand our Zoom meeting format so we can replicate our small table discussions, organize friends Forever Zoom meetings, expand the reach of the Holiday Pops through this year’s digital format;
 – help in addressing some of our local environmental concerns. 
 – continue this year’s project to expand membership, cut short by the pandemic.
The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor completed Project Kindness which was a tremendous assistance to many Marblehead families.  This Project provided $250 to families to spend in three local grocery stores: Crosbys, Shubies, and the Community store.  Additionally, these stores provided additional coupons that we were able to distribute.  Thanks to all who contributed to this very worthwhile effort.
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Tamara Richards, 32 weeks pregnant, talks with ShelterBox Operations Team Lead Andrew Clark after moving into her shelter near Houston, TX in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. (Photo by Erich Schlegel for ShelterBox)
At this very moment, about 85 million people around the world are displaced and lost their homes as a result of conflict and natural disasters. ShelterBox is working to change this.
Natural disasters and conflicts never take days off, and neither does ShelterBox. They are always on the ground, working to help the most vulnerable, no matter how remote their location. ShelterBox envoys are hammering pegs, tying knots and building shelters right now.
By providing emergency shelter and tools for displaced families, they transform despair into hope.
They strive for a world where no family is left without shelter.
Rotary is very, very close to help eradicating polio.
As matter of fact, "we are more than 99% of the way there, but finishing the job is a big challenge," says Bill Gates.
Why does Rotary and its partner - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - care so much about eradicating polio? Because if polio is not eradicated hundreds of thousands of children could be paralyzed, their quality of life drastically dininished, while global health care costs would rise dramatically.
To keep this from happening we need to immunize 400 million children against polio every year, improve the ability to survey and monitor new cases, and hire 150 thousand health workers to go door to door abd find every child.
There are fewer cases of polio today then ever before but we still need help to bring it down to zero.
So we are 99% there, but crossing the finish line is the most challenging.
We can do it with your help.
You may get in touch with the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor to find out how you too can help eradicate polio.
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