The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor is dedicated to the Rotary International motto “Service Before Self”.  Our service this year has included providing our community with a wonderful holiday event bringing holiday happiness.  The Holiday POPS 2020 Reimagined was viewed by over 1,000 people our largest audience ever.  We are thankful for our members and friends who produced and participated in this wonderful event.  And thanks to Steve Limon the artist who painted the beautiful view of Abbot Hall. We still have prints and notecards to share with our community.
Members of the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor are pleased to support the Marblehead Food Pantry with funds generously donated through our Holiday POPS 2020 Reimagined. Our commitment to the Food Pantry has been manifest in many ways in addition to financial support.  We have participated with the Post Office in collecting food donations from town residents, donating on a monthly basis the food requests from the pantry, and working at the Pantry at holiday times when special foods are available.  In addition to the Ford Pantry for many years we have made special dinners at Lifebridge on New Year’s Eve. This year member Judith Black, our liaison to Lifebridge organized members to cook meals at their homes and she got them to the building.  Now, in January 2021, we are collaborating with regional groups to address the food insecurity concern.
Our weekly meetings happen on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am.  In this virtual, on-line world we have been able to enjoy speakers both local and who have joined us from a distance.  For example, when we for three weeks dealt with racial justice concerns, we had a speaker from Madagascar join Marbleheaders in discussing growing up in a multiracial home, we had a local and folks from Boston help us understand the concerns of METCO students and their families, and recently we were joined by Rotary members from a club in Ghana who we have supported with donations to their maternal and child health project. 
Our Rotary club, know for its service to our community and to the world will continue to provide service as we navigate our Covid world. 
Reduce Food Insecurity Donation 
Addressing Food Insecurity
Helping to eliminate food insecurity will be the focus of our Marblehead Harbor service activities for the remainder of our Rotary year till July 1.  We are combining our efforts with the Marblehead Rotary club and the high school Internet club. We will focus our efforts on needy students from Salem State University, the Chelsea collaborative, and the North Shore Families Together food pantry focusing on Lynn and surrounding areas. 
 Please email to learn more.
Rotary is very, very close to help eradicating polio.
As matter of fact, "we are more than 99% of the way there, but finishing the job is a big challenge," says Bill Gates.
Why does Rotary and its partner - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - care so much about eradicating polio? Because if polio is not eradicated hundreds of thousands of children could be paralyzed, their quality of life drastically dininished, while global health care costs would rise dramatically.
To keep this from happening we need to immunize 400 million children against polio every year, improve the ability to survey and monitor new cases, and hire 150 thousand health workers to go door to door abd find every child.
There are fewer cases of polio today then ever before but we still need help to bring it down to zero.
So we are 99% there, but crossing the finish line is the most challenging.
We can do it with your help.
You may get in touch with the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor to find out how you too can help eradicate polio.
Partner Sponsors
Thank you to these partners in the Holiday POPS Reimagined 2020 so we can support humanitarian causes. 

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