The inception of the Marblehead Harbor Rotary was rooted in the concept that scheduling a breakfast meeting in addition to the already successful lunchtime meeting could generate heightened interest from a broader pool of potential Rotarians, both within the local community and neighboring areas. This approach aimed to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for members who might face constraints in attending the conventional lunch gatherings.

The Marblehead businesses and community exert notable influence and involvement across the North Shore region. During the periods of fall, winter, and spring in 1995-1996, a sequence of planning sessions brought together existing Rotarians, as well as the incumbent District Governor Gene Hastings and former District Governors John Hooper and John Lotspiech. By July 1996, informal weekly gatherings were initiated on Devereux Beach. Starting with roughly fifteen participants, this assembly swiftly grew to surpass thirty individuals. In a remarkable display of support and cooperation, the Marblehead Rotary (Afternoon Club) agreed to collaborate and act as sponsors for a new breakfast club, allowing both clubs to coexist and thrive within the same community.

On September 16, 1996, the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor was officially established, boasting a membership of forty-two individuals, of which nine were previously associated with the Rotary Club of Marblehead. To mark this delightful milestone, the Club held a celebratory charter dinner hosted at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Karen Swaim-Babin, the incumbent District Governor, had the privilege of presenting the Club's Charter to its first President, Fraffie Welch.


Though the Marblehead Harbor Rotary is a younger organization, it is one that is full of energy, enthusiasm, ideas, and motivation to carry out the Rotary ideal of

"Service Above Self".