In 2006, The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Enhanced Scholarship Trust was born to develop and grow our annual contributions to the point where we can offer full scholarships.  While we are still growing our fund, we are now able to offer multiple year or enhanced scholarships to our young students. As we focused on education and developing leaders in our community, another scholarship need became dishearteningly apparent. People already in the work force who would like to improve their employment opportunities by increasing their skills or core competencies often need financial assistance to take those courses or certificate programs to meet this need, the 2nd Chance Scholarship was developed. This scholarship is for certificate programs, courses, or other classes meant to improve skills and core competencies, but is not for college degree programs. 

The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Offers Multiple Scholarships The Enhanced Scholarships are for students seeking a two or four year college degree and The 2nd Chance Scholarship is for those seeking to improve their employment.