In 2006, The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor developed the Enhanced Scholarship Trust to create an avenue to allow for comprehensive scholarships. While our fund is still in a phase of growth, we are currently capable of providing an extended-duration scholarship in addition to single year awards to our community scholars. Our focal point on education and the cultivation of community leaders drew attention to an education access crisis that at first was disheartening and now serves as our motivation to continue the growth of this fund!

In addition to the traditional aged students facing barriers to education we also recognize that their are multiple paths to education other than a higher education program. Many individuals already embedded within the workforce, aspiring to enhance their career prospects through the augmentation of skills and core proficiencies, often encounter financial constraints when pursuing courses or certificate programs tailored to meet this demand. Consequently, the Marblehead Harbor Rotary established multiple scholarships to address a range of needs and circumstances. 

The Marblehead Harbor Rotary Club has a diverse array of scholarships on offer and we encourage donations to the trust as well as applications from the community.