Tuesday May 21
Greeter: Rob Deiana

Your generosity at work, helping the community. From the 17 applicants the scholarship committee has selected 4 winners for degree-bound scholarships. Each will receive $1,500.
We plan to invite the recipients to the club meeting on May 28th to receive their scholarship checks.
The committee also approved the renewal of the two Fraffie Welch Scholarships. Each will receive $2,500.
Report by John Williams

The Marblehead High School will honor both donors and scholarship recipients at the Scholarship Awards Night on Monday, June 3rd at 6:30pm in the MHS Field House.
The scholarship awards ceremony celebrates the generosity of scholarship donors as well as the hard work of the students. The ceremony provides an opportunity to learn more about the scholarships as well as making
personal connections.
If you are interested in attending, please contact John Williams, who will be representing the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Enhanced Scholarship Trust.
Report by John Williams.
Our Rotary Installation Dinner is scheduled for Thursday, June 20th, at the Mason Lodge, 62 Pleasant Street. Please save the date and remember that we will not hold our weekly meeting on Tuesday, June 18th.
This dinner honors Michael Cognata’s very successful presidential year as well as Kathleen Murphy’s installation as our new president. The entire slate of officers will also be sworn in.
The Paul Harris recipients will be announced as well.
We encourage all Rotary members to attend. Guests are welcome.
During the week of June 4th a sign-up sheet will be circulated; all tickets must be paid for in advance: “No tickee, no shirtee.”
5:30pm – Social and cash bar
6:30pm – Dinner by Every Little Breeze (Louise)
Followed by – Installation and PH Awards
Report by Diane Barbour
All past Rotary Club presidents are invited to give Kathleen Murphy an early welcome to her upcoming role as the next club president at a brief after-breakfast meeting on Tuesday, May 28. Be ready to offer your best wishes and best advice based on your own experience.
Report by Jessica Barnett
Windrush Farm executive director Janet Nittmann, second from left, with Seyla, Karyn, Patricia, Luis, and Zhenique
 (Photo by John Williams)
Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor members helped the Windrush Farm get ready for the season, planting in their veggie garden, mulching flower beds, and stacking wood logs.
It was work and fun, last Saturday in Andover as Club members were joined by Windrush executive-director Janet Nittmann and other volunteers. The Windrush Farm provides equitation based therapy to children and adults with disabilities.
Thank you Rosaleen Doherty, Karyn Lang, Patricia Sullivan, Seyla Nehan, Zhenique Israelian, John Williams, and Luis Ribas for your help.
Thank you Seyla Nehan, Janet Nitmann, and John Williams for the photos. Scroll down to see more photos.
The Duct Tape Regatta will sail out soon. The Swampscott Rotary initiative is also Bob Erbetta’s baby and he will need some strong arms – he’s still looking for three (strong/light) crew members and two alternates with some kayaking experience, if possible. The RCOMH vessel is pretty well completed and the Regatta is scheduled for Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 11:00, departing from Fisherman’s Beach in Swampscott.
All boats must be home made with PVC pipe, rope, duct tape, recyclable bottles and cardboard, and be crewed by four persons. Each crew must raise $400 for a clean water project. Application deadline is June 14th. Click here to download   application form and regulations.
Might there be 2 or 4 strong people able to help move 3 six foot tables downstairs after breakfast this Tuesday? Dave Martin will be able to tell us where they need to go. One will be moved into the pantry storage space.
Report by Jessica Barnett
by Janet Nittmann, John Williams and Seyla Nehan
Patricia, John, and Luis in a new version
of American Gothic
Seyla, Karyn, Erik, and Zhenique
Rosaleen with a Windrush staff person
Rosaleen and Zhenique figuring out
how to line up the veggies
Karyn and Seyla roughing it
Contemplating one's work
Erik, Rosaleen, Karyn, and Zhenique clipping and trimming
Taking a break

Thank you Diane Barbour, John Williams, Jessica Barnett, Seyla Nehan, and Bob Erbetta for your contributions to Scuttlebutt.
(If you can’t do it on the specified date, please swap with a reliable Rotarian)
Tues., May 21 – Robert Deiana
Tues., May 28 – Trista Christensen
Tues., Jun 4 – Lenny Cameron
Tues., Jun 11 – Judith Black
Tues., Jun 18 – No Club Meeting (please note changes in greeter’s rotation)
Tues., Jun 25 – Bill Bartin
Food Pantry for May: Your help at Stamp Out Hunger (May 11th)
Tues., May 21 – Pei Pei Wishnow
Tues., May 28 – Club Meeting
Mon., Jun 3 – MHS Scholarship Awards Night @6:30pm, MHS Field House
Tues., Jun 4 – Club Meeting
Tues., Jun 11 – Club Meeting
Tues., Jun 18 – No Club Meeting (please note changes in greeter’s rotation)
Thu., Jun 20 – Installation and Paul Harris Dinner @5:30pm
Sat., Jun 22 – Duct Tape Regatta
Tues., Jun 25 – Club Meeting
Tues., July 2 – New Board term starts
Thu., July 4 – Happy 4th of July
Russell Hampton
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