Scuttlebutt December 5th, 2021
Max Nadeau will be talking with us about Effective Altruism.  Max is a student at Harvard and grandchild of our friend Lynn Nadeau. 
This is the last full day of our auction.  Bid early, bid now, bid often.  AND please share the link with your family, friends, and colleagues.  This is our primary fundraiser which supports our scholarships and other humanitarian efforts.  We need to cover our fixed scholarship commitments so need to make this as successful as possible.
Service projects
  1. Ice melt/sand distribution.  The buckets are filled and will be picked up by seniors at the COA this week.  On Wednesday December 8, 10:00-noon (volunteers: Cyndi Kilbarger and Linda Doliber), and on Thursday December 9, 10:00-noon (volunteers: Don Doliber and Tim Shotmeyer).
The following week Wednesday December 8, and Friday December 10, the COA bus will deliver to Senior Citizens who are unable to pick up their buckets. We need 2 volunteers for each day to go on the bus and deliver to front stairs from 10:00- noon.
We have received very positive feedback on this service project. It has been a great opportunity to keep business local by partnering with Fred and Carl, the new owners of Marblehead Hardware on Atlantic Ave., and it is the first time we have provided buckets, ice melt, sand and scoops for senior citizens in over seven years. If it keeps even one senior citizen from falling, it's a good thing!
  1. Winter coats, jackets, vests for those in need.  Bob has been housing the coats that we have brought to the Charter.  Close to the end of the month I will get these to our colleagues in Lynn who will distribute them.  Please bring coats to the Charter after 3:30 and let Bob know so he can open the door. 
  2. Edith Dodge:  We have some teams to deliver cookies etc to our elders, some of whom are us.  Pick up days at the Mary Alley will be Wed. and Thurs. Dec. 7th and 8th, from 8:30 to 4, or Fri. Dec. 9th from 8:30 to 11AM.

    On Tuesday we will vote on admitting our two service member applicants: Jean and Greg Cassanos
Russell Hampton
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