Scuttlebutt April 25, 2021
Hopefully the weather will know that springtime is here and will stop the yoyo back to winter. 
This week is a club assembly.  Many of our committees have been active.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

Instillation:  The date is set for June 22 beginning at 6pm.  This will be a zoom affair when we thank our officers who have ably served us this year and install our new officers for the coming year.  Also we will honor our Paul Harris awardees.  The District Instillation in June 24th

The Paul Harris committee will let us know the process we will use this year.

The Membership committee will share with us the materials they have had printed to assist us in letting folks know about us.  Increasing our membership is the responsibility of each of us.  These materials will help us in that process.

Service committee is focusing our food security project on Salem State and the Lynn Network.  In addition to food concerns students are financially strapped trying to meet tuition and other costs.  Our club is exploring options on how to provide help. 

Foundation committee is exploring options to help the Lynn Neighborhood Network by providing a commercial refrigerator.  They are considering a District Grant to support this effort.

The Allocations committee will be determining how we might provide the most financial support with our funds.  If you have thoughts, please share them.

I will be away for a month beginning May 11.  Thanks to John for agreeing to lead our meetings. 
Russell Hampton
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