Scuttlebutt November 14, 2021
Lt David Ostovitz from the Marblehead Police Academy will be our speaker this week.  I am interested in hearing how our police are educated. 
Our auction site is up and going very well  Please share with family, friends, colleagues etc. 
This is the link to the auction site.  Jessica has told us that if all the top bids are made the fundraising outcome of the club will be $6,000.  This is a goal we need to achieve. 
One of upcoming service projects is to donate and share ice melt/sand with seniors in Marblehead.  This effort is a collaboration between our RCOMH and the COA.   On Monday and Tuesday, November 29th and 30th RCOMH volunteers will fill buckets with ice melt/sand and a scoop.  Seniors can pick them up at the COA Monday and Tuesday, December 6th  & 7th Between 9:00 and noon.  Our RCOMH volunteers will help to put the buckets in cars.  COA vans will deliver (with RCOMH volunteers) Wednesday thru Friday, December 8th – 12th between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.   We need many volunteers to fulfill this service project.  To repeat:
Nov 29 and 30 to fill the buckets  beginning at 9am
Dec 6 and 7   between 9-12  to distribute buckets to seniors as they drive up
Dec 8 -12  distribute buckets to seniors from the COA vans. 
We usually send around a sign-up sheet so we all can participate in the service project.  On Tuesday after our speaker, we will accept volunteers.   Volunteers can be from ElderAct and from your friends. 

Another service project is to help our colleagues in Lynn who are assisting in coat collection.  Please save your childrens (grandchildre’s), teeagers, adult’s coats.  In the middle of December we will have a central location where the coats can be brought.  I will check with Jim N about the Interact group also collecting coats.  In the beginning of the pandemic the Interact members were very supportive of our food security and clothing project at that time.  Also, Heidi I would like the ElderAct members to also participate in this effort.
Russell Hampton
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