Scuttlebutt November 7th, 2021
Lots, lots happening.  First we have an interesting speaker this coming Tuesday morning. Valintina Ortez will let us know about the impact of Avocados on Mexico.  My daughter Kathryn is in the second year of a masters program studying Latin America.  Part of her work focuses on the detrimental effect of environmental influences and outside companies on local economies and living conditions.  I am interested in hearing the agricultural/economic interrelationship in this area of the world.   Please check this web site before the meeting. 

And then we have the Holiday POPS-of-Fun online Auction. We have many items donated by members and their relatives and many out of club donations.  Jess has put together a wonderful site with photos and descriptions.  Our PayPal account is linked so making bids on credit cards should be easy.  We all need to spread the word, information far and wide.  Many items need to be picked up but some are zoom type items.  Jess will be posting different items on our FB page.  Please share with you FB friends.  And if you have Instagram the FB postings should go to our Instagram. If you have Instagram please share. I will send a poster with active links tomorrow. We go live November 8th

As we know from the recent cold weather winter is coming.  And with winter we have snow and ice.  With ice sometimes comes slips and falls resulting in fractured bones or fear of going outside.  To alleviate that problem, not the snow we don’t have that power, we will be providing ice melt and sand-grit in conjunction with the COA.  Please keep these dates open for our service project.  Filling the buckets on Monday December 6,  help with senior citizen pickups at the COA on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday December 8, 9, and 10 - and, for those who are unable to pick up at the COA, delivery on Wednesday 12/8 or Friday 12/10. 

Edith Dodge will be happening this year on December 6th!  YEA!  Teams will be going out to deliver to seniors.  I will have more information to share on Tuesday.  Please keep 12/6 open for this wonderful service project. 

Another service project option is opening up.  Yamilla from the Lynn neighborhood network who we hve been working with regarding food security has responded to a query about the need for winter coats.  She indicated that might be needed within the community with whom she works.  So if you have winter coats that may need a new home please keep them until the specifics can be worked out.
The D7910 Environmental Action Group is a group of Rotarians and others from across central Massachusetts whose goal is to support Rotary's new Area of Focus: Protecting the Environment (climate change,).  We come from about 50 clubs from Brookline to the Brookfields, and meet to learn about project opportunities, issues (like the peaker plant), and anything else related to the environment.  We take this information back to our clubs to encourage group and individual activities. Together we seek to address the climate crisis and pollution, and to protect the environment for current and future generations as the ultimate expression of Service Above Self.   Locally there is a Global Grant focusing on the Ipswich River area. We will hear more about this in a few weeks.   We as Rotarians need to be aware of our environmental responsibility.
Just heard an interesting piece on NPR about work environments in the future including working from home.  The commentator suggested that in 5 years an exodus to work from home will occur due to decreased office cost and an increase in recruiting talent other than the local area.  Because many would be working from home friendship circles will come from community organizations not from workmates.  This is another avenue for increasing membership in Rotary.  How can we as a group provide meaningful interactions and friendships?  Due to Covid restrictions we have curtailed our in-person meetings and our evening gatherings.  As soon as we feel comfortable having these in-person interactions are important for each of us and for the health of our club.
Russell Hampton
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