Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor
November 6, 2023
5:30 p.m., 7 Westminster Rd.
Any members who want to attend will be welcomed.
Important Food Service Information
Louise has, rightfully, requested more accurate information on attendance numbers each week, as
 we have recently experienced some large. unexpected fluctuations in the numbers of attendees. 
Food costs have increased, and she would like to
avoid running out of food on a Tuesday morning
or having a big surplus if the number of attendees is far less than expected. The bills for our modest number of attendees are based on the number of breakfasts she serves plus her every Monday prep time. She is now going to plan on an average of 10-12 regular attendees (hopefully to rise in the future!).
This requires three options:
 The first was attempted this week where regular attendees were requested to call in by Sunday evening if they did not plan to be at the Tuesday meeting or if they were planning to bring a guest. One person called in with regrets; and, if everyone going through the buffet line is
mindful of portions as they go through the buffet
and don't overload their plates,
that planned number will work.
The second option is to go to a reservation system where everyone who plans to attend must call in each week
with a reservation. If the first option proves inadequate, we will need to take weekly reservations.
A third option is to add the prorated weekly food service bills to members' bills each quarter, something many members are hesitant to consider.
If you are a member who has not recently attended a breakfast meeting and would like to come back to the regular attendance list, please do let Linda or Jessica know so that can be communicated to Louise.
We need every member's attention to making this
 delicate balance of food service information 
work to everyone's satisfaction.
Thank you!
Please add the following to your calendar:
December 19, Speaker will be
Dan Albert on Making Marblehead
Streets Safer for Walking, Bicycling,
and Driving.


Nov. 14
Speaker, Michelle Carlson, Principal, MHS
Open House at
Tailored for Success
5:00-9:00 p.m.
Social event with the Marblehead Club at The Beacon
Let Linda know if you'll be attending,
cash bar
Nov. 16
Board Meeting
Nov. 20
Food Pantry
Setup, Star of
the Sea gym,
9:00 a.m.
Nov. 21
Speaker, Don Doliber
Holiday Traditions
Nov. 23
Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 28
Ian Sherwin, Artist and owner of the 
Ian Sherwin Gallery,
Front St.
Nov. 29
Food Crew at Lifebridge, Salem for 5th Wed. dinner
prep and serve
Dec. 5
Club Assembly
Dec. 8
Pops Setup,
decorators to
arrive about
10:00 a.m.
Dec. 9
Holiday Pops
Dec. 12
Club election;
Our own Tricia
Sullivan, speaker
"Taking PT Around
the World
Dec. 19
Dan Albert, Speaker
Street Safety
Dec. 26
No Meeting
Jan. 2, 2024
No Meeting
Feb. 27 & 29
Rotary Leadership
Institute, virtual
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