April 23
Greeter: Don Doliber
Joint Meeting. The first ever meeting of the Marblehead Harbor Rotary and the Marblehead Club is confirmed for May 9th, at 5:30pm, at the Masonic Lodge. Diane Barbour is the event chair and will be happy to answer your questions. She invites whoever wishes to volunteer and help at this event to gather with her after our regular meeting on April 30th.
5:30pm – Social and cash bar
6:30pm – Regular meeting
7:30pm – Buffet Dinner
This event is open to Members and spouses/significant others.
Allocations Committee. Members of this Committee (you know who you are) will meet with Club President Michael Cognata on Thursday, April 25th at 6:30pm. The gathering at Mike’s house kickstarts the process to determine who will get our contributions and how much.
Lesley Dever. The Board of Directors regretfully accepted Lesley Dever’s resignation from Rotary.
Board Meeting. The Board of Directors met Thursday at Lee Weed’s who returned home after a lengthy hospital stay. The Board thanks Lee for hosting its meetings and wishes her a full and speedy recovery.
April Food Pantry Donation:
Cereal (no Cheerios please)

We are seeking volunteers now… On Saturday, May 11th, USPS letter carriers will collect food donated by Marblehead residents and will bring it to Masonic Hall, where an army of Rotarians and their friends will sort the donations and check the expiration dates, before the goods are delivered to the Marblehead Food Pantry. Linda Doliber will donate $50 to the Rotary Foundation on behalf of whoever finds a food item with an expiration date older than 1972, the oldest detected so far at Stamp Out Hunger. Jessica Barnett is coordinating this project and will pass sign-up sheets around. You may reach her at
We received an invitation from Joan Cutler to join “InterAct Club and ElderAct Club of Marblehead and Swampscott members who will plant a sapling at Seaside Park to honor victims of school shootings. Seaside was chosen because of its long history as a gathering place for children and families.
“While a tree may be cut down, it will never be gone; thanks to the wind, nature’s creatures, and people.
“So too, these children and adults will never be gone; thanks to our words and deeds. Let them mean something everyday.
When: Saturday, April 27th
Where: Seaside Park, Atlantic Ave, Marblehead
Time: 10:00am
Our Rotary Club is, indeed, a special family. And in that spirit, the club’s Care Committee welcomes opportunities to celebrate our members' special events, milestones and achievements. We send out birthday greetings and congratulatory cards on a regular basis. But also, as a family, we seek to be supportive when a member or a member’s family is going through challenges — perhaps an illness or the loss of a loved one. If you know about an event or experience that the Care Committee should be aware of, please do let us know. In cases of challenges, we will seek your guidance and will be respectful of wishes for confidentiality and privacy. You might even like to serve on this committee. We welcome your help in “caring” for our fellow members. In all cases, please contact Jessica Barnett at

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will not hold its April 27th seminar at Wakefield. New opportunities will be available in the Fall.

Rosie Segil immunizing a child in India
(Courtesy Photo)
Rosie Segil, of the Marblehead Club, was our guest last week, and spoke vividly about the Rotary polio eradication project. More than 2.5 billion children were immunized in the last 40 years. Rotarians contributed 1.8 billion dollars. Rosie shared her insight and experiences from her fundraising and field trips.
Patricia Sullivan in Nepal
(Courtesy Photo)
Patricia Sullivan is in Nepal. She is busy with the Rotary sponsored 10-day physical rehabilitation project that includes orthopedic/musculoskeletal (low back, hip, knee) examination and treatment; a day of women’s health including pre and post-natal care and bone health needs; examination and treatment of patients with neurological involvement (especially stroke which is common there); a day in the community where she and Nancy DeMuth helped install the new PT equipment and conduct exercise classes for the elderly along with the new staff; a pediatric day; and a day to review standardized PT tests and measures and how to document these so that they can gather statistics on the value of this program. A busy trip, indeed.

11:30 AM Registration
12:30 PM Paul Harris Luncheon
2.00 PM Annual Business Meeting
6:00 PM Celebrate Rotary Cocktails
7:15 PM Celebrate Rotary Dinner
Youth-centric programming/Youth Summit
Date: May 3-4, 2019
Where: Doubletree Hotel, Danvers, MA
Registration information: here
(Courtesy photo)
Roll up your sleeves and get your work gloves. We’re going to a horse farm. As you may recall, Windrush Farm CEO Janet Nittmann visited with our club late last Fall, to talk about therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities for children and adults with special needs. They need help preparing their facilities for the coming season.
When: May 18th, 2019
Where: Windrush Farm, 479 Lacy St, North Andover, MA 01845
Why: To help prepare the Farm for the warm weather
Time: 11:30AM – 2:00PM
Who: As many volunteers as we can bring. Dress for outdoor work and bring work gloves. Need more info? Click here to contact Service Chair Rosaleen Doherty.
Thank you Patricia Sullivan, Linda Doliber, Joan Cutler, and John Williams for your contribution to Scuttlebutt.
(If you can’t do it on the specified date, please swap with a reliable Rotarian)
Tues., July 23 – Heidi Whear
Tues., July 30 – Patricia Sullivan
Tues., Aug 6 – Chris Stevens
Tues., Aug 13 – Vicki Staveacre
Tues., Aug 20 – Tim Shotmeyer
Tues., Aug 27 – Jim Rice
Food Pantry for July: Non-Cheerios cereal
Tues., July 23 – Induction of new member Young Aycock
Tues., July 30 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 6 – Club Assembly
Tues., Aug 13 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 20 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 27 – Club Meeting
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