Tuesday Jun 4
Greeter: Lenny Cameron
Club President Michael Cognata, Club Secretary John
Williams, Sloane Tirilok, Christine Sloss, Brianna Ficaro,
Collin Burchfield, and Marblehead Scholarship’s
Steve Lipsky (Photo by Luis Ribas)
Four young winners of RCOMH scholarships visited with the club last week. and talked about their plans for school, and each received their $1,500 scholarship check.
Two Fraffie Welch Scholarships for Katelyn Pearce and Adrianna Ustick were renewed and each received a check in the amount of $2,500.
The four College-Bound scholarship winners are:
Collin Burchfield (Engineering)
Brianna Ficaro (Food Sciences - Baking)
Christine Sloss (Government and Environment)
Sloane Tirilok (Nursing)
The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor is still seeking applicants who wish to pursue Second Chance Scholarships: trades and other non-college education or training to improve their skills and widen their employment opportunities. Deadline is mid-July. All the details and small print are here, in the link to the Marblehead Scholarship page.

Club President Michael Cognata
You can now sign up for our Rotary Installation Dinner, scheduled for Thursday, June 20th, at the Mason Lodge, 62 Pleasant Street. The sign up sheet will circulate at this week’s meeting. All tickets must be paid for in advance: “No tickee, no shirtee.”
This dinner honors Michael Cognata’s very successful presidential year as well as Kathleen Murphy’s installation as our new president. The entire slate of officers will also be sworn in.
The Paul Harris recipients will be announced as well.
We encourage all Rotary members to attend. Guests are welcome.
5:30pm – Social and cash bar
6:30pm – Dinner by Every Little Breeze (Louise)
Followed by – Installation and PH Awards
Note: We will not hold our weekly meeting on Tuesday, June 18th.
Report by Diane Barbour
Allocations report: Grants for 15 organizations and scholarships awarded in the amount of $19,500
Update on the USPS food drive: The  Marblehead Food Pantry reported collecting over 15,800 pounds of food (28% more than last year) during this year’s drive. Thank you mail carriers, RCOMH volunteers who helped sort it out, and those who helped the volunteers with food and beverages.

As part of our Harbor Heroes program, this week we will host high school student Grace Elmer, who single handedly brought back to life a breast cancer support organization.
Report by Judith Black
Courtesy Photo
The Duct Tape Regatta takes to the water later this month. The Swampscott Rotary initiative is also Bob Erbetta’s baby. He’s building a boat and will need some strong arms – still looking for strong/light crew members and alternates with some kayaking experience, if possible. The RCOMH vessel is pretty well completed and the Regatta is scheduled for Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 11:00, departing from Fisherman’s Beach in Swampscott.
All boats must be home made with PVC pipe, rope, duct tape, recyclable bottles and cardboard, and be crewed by four persons. Each crew must raise $400 for a clean water project. Application deadline is June 14th. Click here to download   application form and regulations. Speak with Bob at the Club Meeting if you would like to join his crew.
Thank you John Williams and Judith Black for your contribution to Scuttlebutt.
(If you can’t do it on the specified date, please swap with a reliable Rotarian)
Tues., July 23 – Heidi Whear
Tues., July 30 – Patricia Sullivan
Tues., Aug 6 – Chris Stevens
Tues., Aug 13 – Vicki Staveacre
Tues., Aug 20 – Tim Shotmeyer
Tues., Aug 27 – Jim Rice
Food Pantry for July: Non-Cheerios cereal
Tues., July 23 – Induction of new member Young Aycock
Tues., July 30 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 6 – Club Assembly
Tues., Aug 13 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 20 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 27 – Club Meeting
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