December 19, 2021
A major first world, or particularly Boston problem.  I usually write Scuttlebutt while I am watching the Patriots game.  You may have noticed the past few weeks have been rather upbeat.  Well today there is no game and they lost last night.  I feel a bit Grinchy now.   But it is a season when we should be upbeat. 
A few wonderful things:  We received a very generous gift for the general fundraising fund from our very supportive anonymous donor.  With this gift we will be providing support to the MHD food pantry and Windrush Farms among other entities.
And Mary Stewart provided a generous donation to our Enhanced Scholarship Fund. 
Thank you to both of these kind and thoughtful people.
This week I will be bringing coat donations to our colleagues in Lynn.  If you have coats, jackets, vests, and toys to give to others please let me know by Tuesday afternoon.  You can drop off at my home 64 Tedesco St.  
Helping at LifeBridge.   Please contact Judith Black
1. Judith Black will be packaging Christmas meals at LifeBridge on 12/25.  If anyone could come at 11 (Judith will get there at 10 to heat things) to get the meals out by 12:30, Judith would be very grateful for help.
2. New Years Eve:  Meals need to be ready by 5:30.  So we will gather at 3 PM at Lifebridge.  We need financial donations so Judith can do the shopping.   Four of us have volunteered to cook, we need a few more.  We will be masked when cooking.
3.   Now that a few snowflakes have fallen we might think for about ice melt and sand.  There are a few buckets left at the COA.  If you have a friend, neighbor, or yourself who needs a bucket you can go to the COA and ask for one that are stored in the porch.

I asked Andrew Petty, head of the Board of Health, his recommendations about meetings.  His comment: At this time, I strongly recommend that you continue remote meetings.   We will revisit this issue often during the winter months. I know we all miss meeting in person.  A major draw of Rotary is the fellowship and camaraderie of being together.  And we will do that as soon as safe. Our meetings will be hybrid as long as we can get the technology to work so as many as possible can attend, including our at home and commuter members. For members who are working consider joining on your phone or at your work computer.

If you gather with family and friends in the next weeks, please enjoy and be safe.
Russell Hampton
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