Scuttlebutt May 15, 2022
Well, we are a success!!!!   Yea us.  So many members, family, friends to thank for their wonderful donations, organization, sorting, pricing, advertising, moving, selling, etc etc etc.  The drum roll final tally will be given on Tuesday.  Service was evident in so many ways. 
Our scholarship and allocations committees will now have some funds to distribute. 

This Tuesday Norman Abbott from Rep. Seth Mouton’s office will speak with us about transportation efforts.  Not sure if this is in his sphere but I am interested in whether the T will make its way to Lynn, if the train line will have another Salem stop allowing more parking, and what might be the chance of getting some of our roads paved. 
INSTILLATION:  Spring is the time of newness.  And Jess is excited about her role new as President.  Maybe excited is a bit much today after having a house full of yard sale for the past few weeks.  Her and the new board’s instillation will be at our breakfast meeting June 21st at 7:30.  A full breakfast will be served at no individual cost to our members. Full member participation is anticipated.  Please email me your commitment to attend so I can let Louise know.  
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