Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor
November 19, 2023
To: Diane Barbour, Jessica Barnett, Ed Bell,
Judith Black, Vince Carotenuto, Don Doliber, Linda Doliber, Mike Elkin, Bob Erbetta, Judy Gates, Margaret Greene, Julie Hahnke, Amy Hart, Tim Havens, Francie King, Katherine Koch, Lauren McCormack, Tim Shotmeyer, Tricia Sullivan, and Lesley Tracy
If you are on the above list, you are listed as a regular attendee at Tuesday breakfast meetings.
If you DO NOT plan to attend on a Tuesday morning or need Zoom contact for a Tuesday, please call Linda by Sunday evening at 10:00 p.m. at 781-631-6938 or email her at to receive a Zoom invite on Monday morning. (Exception is Lauren McCormack who regularly is commuting at that time and receives Zoom info.)
If you plan to bring a guest, please also call or email that info to Linda.
If you have not been attending regularly and want to begin attending in person again or via Zoom if you are commuting, please know you have been deeply missed and everyone will be delighted to see you!!! A quick call to Linda will be welcomed!!!
All the above info is requested to aid us in giving Louise more accurate numbers for portion control and food purchase planning.
We are trying to avoid instituting an all-member call-in reservation procedure for every meeting.
In honor of our late vice-president, Lee Weed, there will be no breakfast meeting on November 28.
Instead, all Harbor Rotarians who are available and would like to attend the service as part of the Rotary group may want to park and meet at the Masonic Hall at 10:15 a.m. and walk down Summer St. to St. Michael's Church
We think that Lee's family would be pleased to have the comfort from a group that Lee called "my Rotary family."
The after-funeral reception will be held
back at the Masonic Hall.
If you can attend, please wear your Rotary pin.
SLATE OF OFFICERS, 7/1/2024-6/30/2025
The following names are presented in alphabetical order for members' consideration at the club election, Dec. 12. 
Tri-Presidents: Jessica Barnet/Linda Doliber/Tricia Sullivan
Vice-President: Amy Hart
Treasurer: Vincent Carotenuto
Secretary: Lesley Tracy
Bob Erbetta,
Judy Gates,
Julie Hahnke,
Lauren McCormack
About the unusual tri-president suggested format for '24-'25: To date, no candidate for president has presented him/herself. Each candidate for tri-president above has had considerable experience in all things Rotary and, if elected, the three candidates will plan to divide responsibilities that correspond to their individual strengths. In addition, each candidate is enthusiastic about re-establishing our 2-3 year officer succession format in the future. If elected, they will pledge to continue mentoring new and newer members in the upcoming months so that the club can have confidence that the 27-year old Marblehead Harbor Rotary will continue to be a healthy, growing leader in local and international service.
*Per Lee Weed's wishes regarding her legacy to the club, the Board voted to name one of the scholarships that we award "The Lee and Barry Weed Service Recognition Scholarship." The scholarship's primary objective is to "reward a student who has performed extraordinary service above and beyond expectations." The service may be to family, to others, to school, to a non-profit organization or to the community; and, the scholarship may or may not be given yearly. The suggested amount was $200-$500 above the usual $2,000 scholarship the club awards. However, in the coming months, the Scholarship Committee will assume the responsibility of refining the above, including the dollar amount of the scholarship. (Scholarship Committee: Mike, Margaret, Lesley, and Linda)
*The veterans' gazebo restoration project, to which our club donated, at Waterside Cemetery was finished in time for Veterans' Day. This was a combined all-Rotary project that included the Marblehead Rotary, Elderact and Interact as well as our club. Members are encouraged to drive to the high point, upper left of the main road into the cemetery, to view the improvements.
*Work is afoot on two possible District Grant projects for July 1 application submission: 
(1.) Information is being amassed by Judith Black and Francie King on a possible mental health initiative that could promote friendly resident interactions and might include four benches and two indigenous shade trees at the Farrell Court senior citizen housing area. Possible partners could include another Rotary club, Sustainable Marblehead, the Marblehead Housing Dept., Park and Rec. Dept., Council on Aging, and the Marblehead Tree Warden.
(2.) An exploratory phone call to Fire Chief Jason Gilliland was enthusiastically received by the chief, who is considering a number of items that the department might need that are not normally contained in the Town budget and how members might be actively involved in that project.
Stay tuned for progress updates! 
Is there something that you would like covered in the weekly Scuttlebutt? Please let Linda or Jessica know ( or
Nov. 20 
Food Pantry pre-
Thanksgiving service
project, Star of the Sea gym, 9:00 a.m.
Nov. 21
Don Doliber, Speaker
Holiday Traditions
Nov. 23
Nov. 28
Harbor Rotarians meeting at 10:15 a.m.
St. Michaele's, for Lee Weed's 11:00 a.m. funeral
Nov. 29
Foor Crew at Lifebridge, Salem, for 5th Wed. dinner prep and serve
Dec. 5
Club Assembly
Dec. 8
Pops setup, decorators to arrive about 10:00 a.m.
Dec. 9 
Dec. 12
Club election; Our own Tricia Sullivan, Speaker
"Taking PT Around the World"
Dec. 19
Daniel Albert, Speaker
Making Marblehead
Streets Safer
Dec. 26
Jan. 2, 2024
Feb. 27 & 29
Rotary Leadership
Institute virtual, 2
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