Scuttlebutt May 1, 2022
Our speaker’s committee is bringing us another Marblehead luminary Jason Gilliland, our Fire Chief.  Among other discussions with Jason we should ask about Lock Boxes that our Rotary Club has sponsored in the past. 
YARD SALE on my mind.  Maybe not the original lyrics but should be on everyone’s mind.  Look around your home for items you would like to donate.  Thank to friends, relatives to increase the variety of donations.  My 2 hookahs(without any internal extras) might be auctioned rather than putting a price tag on them.   AND let everyone know the May 14-15 dates.  Jess has created wonderful posters.  Let’s have them all over town!!!!!   Please contact Linda D about your availability to help of the yard sale dates.
Thank you Judy Gates for being a director on our board for next year.  She was voted in Thursday at our board meeting.
Thank you Linda D and Jess for going to the District Assembly and having our club certified to be able to submit grants for this upcoming year.  And another thanks to Linda D for leading the Leadership Institute this weekend.
We have not been as successful this year in accruing funds into our fundraising account.  Hopefully, the yard sale will help with that.  We need to consider possibly moving some money from our operating account to our donations account so we can meet our scholarship donations.  We will discuss this as a club after the yard sale.
Remember to bring items for Joan McCormick to bring on her upcoming humanitarian trip to Jordan. Children’s books, tooth brushes and paste, socks, women’s scarves, gloves are needed.

Some people will do anything to avoid surgery.  Pam has a new angle, get Covid.  So she will be limping along on her old knee for a bit longer till she gets to limp along on her new knee. 
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