Scuttlebutt October 26, 2020
This week, Tuesday, is a club assembly.  All the committee chairs please update us on your activities.

Artist reception and POPS update.  The invitation has gone out to Steve, the MHS class of 64, and Rotarians will go today.  We are getting some returns.  The technical aspect of the meeting was discussed on Monday morning.  There will be both a zoom component and a Facebook live component.  All of us Rotarians will be on zoom, others may join with FB.  We would like as many folks to participate in the Artist’s reception as possible.  Please ready your contact’s list so you can send out information to the many folks in your circles.
The notecards are in and are being organized in groups of 10 with envelopes. The box will go to Linda D’s to be beautifully ribboned.  Linda may need some help with this so let us volunteer.

From Louise:    Every November we are honored to be part of 2 amazing events, partnered with the Philanthropic Lodge and the Council on Aging... the Veteran’s Breakfast and the Annual Thanksgiving Meal for Seniors.
2020 has challenged our creativity, but we have a plan to go forward with both events! Meals will be packaged and either picked up curbside or delivered. 
To make up for the loss of community felt in the gathering, I am reaching out for your help today.
Friends, families, schools, groups of all ages... I want to fill each bag with notes of gratitude, cards, hand print turkeys, cut out flags, etc..... you get the idea!  Be creative! Bring the community to these folks! 
I will be collecting these things at the Masonic Lodge. 
The Veteran’s Breakfast is 11/10, so your contributions need to be at the lodge by 11/1 for safety sake.
The Thanksgiving Meal is 11/21, so your contributions need to be at the lodge by 11/11 for safety sake.
To sign up to receive a meal please contact the Council on Aging.
Thanks in advance! 🌿💕
Edit: there are now bins by the side door at the lodge to collect your creations!

This week's Foundation questions:
  1. What year was the first donation made to Rotary for "doing good in the world?" and who made the donation?
                                     a. 1908, Paul Harris
                                     b. 1928, President Calvin Coolidge
                                     c. 1917, Arch Klumph

      2. How much was the original donation and how much was raised for the Foundation  1917-2017 for "doing good in the world?"
                                      a. $26.50; $4billion 1917-2017
                                      b. $150.00; $million 1917-2017
                                      c. $10.00; $500,000 1917-2017

Hint: All answers to last week's, this week's, and all the questions through January may be found at and Or, Google "Rotary Foundation History." Want to look up your own giving record? Establish your own personal account and password at
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