Scuttlebutt June 20th, 2021
This Tuesday we will celebrate the instillation of our new officers, honor folks with Paul Harris awards, and pay tribute to others who have contributed much to our community and our club.  Please join us at 6pm on zoom.  The invitation will be sent on Monday. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads in our lives. 

Foundations Committee:  There's still time to contribute to the Rotary Foundation for the 2020-2021 year which ends the last day of June. Your contribution to the Annual Fund will back lifesaving global grant projects. Or, a contribution to Polio Plus will provide inoculations to millions of children around the world and will keep every country but two (Afghanistan and Pakistan) polio free. An amazing 3 billion children have been inoculated since this program began in 1988...Let's keep up the successful momentum! Simply go to and hit "Donate" to make your contribution. Per Charity Navigator, which rates the Rotary Foundation with the coveted 4 Stars, your hard-earned dollars in any amount will be wisely invested in good work!

Allocations Committee: The allocations committee will be meeting this week to determine the disbursement of our fundraising dollars. Please contact Becky if you have suggestions.

Membership Committee:  Ina Hoffman and Jim Rice have resigned from active status and have been awarded honorary membership by the Board.  We will miss their involvement and hope they continue to be part of our community in the future.

POPS committee:  Diane and Tricia will co-lead the POPS committee. The Board discussed the possibility of having two events this year.  The traditional POPS held at Abbot Hall.  Maybe with fewer folks depending on the situation.  And a modification of the virtual event we made last year.   We are pleased that Holly Jaynes will be our artist. 

In person status:  John and Don are exploring with Louise when we might meet in person, hopefully mid July. At the BoD meeting we discussed what type of food we wanted to share.  If you have opinions please contact John or Don.  Suggestions have been made to have in-person meetings simultaneous with zoom meetings.  Many town organizations and religious services are held in this fashion.  This will allow folks, who for work or mobility status are unable to be at our meetings in person, to attend. If you are aware of the technology, please contact Tricia.
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