February 26
Greeter: Zhenique Israelian
Chief Justice Timothy Sullivan
(Courtesy Photo)
Chief Justice Timothy Sullivan of the Massachusetts Housing Court, is the guest speaker at the World Peace and Understanding Dinner, this Thursday. He will focus on critical issues surrounding housing and homelessness prevention in Rotary District 7930. Check this video out posted on our Facebook page.
Date: February 28th
Time: 5:30pm
Where: Four Points by Sheraton, 1 Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA
Price: $45 per person
Club President Michael Cognata and
Marblehead Water & Sewer Superintendent Amy McHugh
(Photo by Kathleen Murphy)
This will we will be joined by Lila Caplan, on behalf of Save a Child’s Heart. Lila, a local student, is fundraising for this Israel-based charity that provides pediatric cardiac care in poor countries regardless of religion, gender or nationality.
And if you were wondering about the headline above… Yes, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh. But 2% is frozen, so only 1% is available for human consumption. This was one of the reminders offered by Marblehead Water & Sewer Superintendent Amy McHugh when she visited with our club last week. She provided an important overview of the department’s work, and of how we can help ourselves by helping them.
This flyer explains the many sources of storm drain pollution. We can help minimize that, by having a healthier and less thirsty lawn. We can also plant a rain garden and start using less water in your daily routines. Marblehead is part of the Greenscapes Coalition, and they have many more suggestions for little things that help.
The Department also thanks all of us for not throwing non-degradable items in our sinks and toilets. That would be wipes, q-tips, dental floss, etc.. Check the full list here and help keep our sewer system free from clogging.
Please remember that Diane Barbour’s 2019 Holiday Pops talk was rescheduled and is now the calendar for March 5th.

Devereux Beach
(Photo by Luis Ribas)
The next big polio fundraising project at RCOMH is the Big Toe Plunge – it’s less than one month away and it will be here soon. This will be a joint activity with InterAct where we will continue to raise money for polio not just from our own contributions but also from those present.
* March 23rd
* 10:00am
* Devereux Beach, Marblehead
March Food Pantry Donation:
Pasta and Pasta Sauce

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We would like to encourage you to say yes to the tag as it would contribute to a considerably wider exposure of our club in the community.
We want to increase community awareness of Rotary and the many good service projects our club develops. Also, please be sure to “like” out club’s Facebook page.

The Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Enhanced Scholarship Trust is now accepting applications for the 2nd Chance Scholarship. This Scholarship is for those whose education will benefit their employment opportunities. It can be used for certificate courses and programs, but may not be a part of a degree program.
Do you know someone who might be interested and would benefit from this scholarship? Successful recipients will have up to $2500 paid directly to the educational institution on their behalf.
Steve May’s son has passed away. Steve was 7930 District Governor before moving to Florida. Linda Doliber says “he is in poor health as a result of his service in Viet Nam and his exposure to Agent Orange. I believe he has already outlived one son and now his second son has passed away. A hard life but a fine man, a dedicated Rotarian, and a true patriot.”
Condolences cards can be sent to Steve at 241 North Street, North Reading MA 01864
Yours donation make life a little warmer
(Photo by Tricia Sullivan)
Tricia Sullivan, and a physical therapy and Rotarian team, are going to Nepal in April to initiate the training part of the Rotary grant and to set up the Interact service project for the June trip. As in prior trips Tricia will be bringing donations of clothes, jackets, boots, sneakers, flip flops, children's books, portable solar panels etc. Age for clothing ranges from 6 month through adult. Gently used donations are welcome. Please bring your donations to Club meetings up until March 19th.  Five bags need to be filled.  If anyone has connections with L.L.Bean, REI, The North Face please check to see if they would consider donations of irregular items, especially L.L.Bean boots. (Thank you Tricia Sullivan for this report)
Sustainable Marblehead and the Epstein Hillel School will host two more movies dealing with current environmental challenges and tussles on March 10th and April 7th at 3:00pm, 6 Community Road, in Marblehead. For more information, check the Sustainable Marblehead movie event page.
Don’t miss out on the fun and the opportunity to help while you have a cocktail, or dinner. Joan McCormack reports that the evening will be very rewarding because in addition to any donations, “The Landing will generously donate 20 percent of all food and drink purchased that evening to the North Shore Hearing Foundation. This event will feature great food, raffle and gift baskets and great company!”.
The North Shore Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids to individuals who do not have the insurance or resources to obtain them. Help us give the gift of hearing to local children and adults by making a reservation for dinner at the Landing. If you are unable to join us, please consider making a donation by check or online at
The next District New Member Orientation event will be held on Thursday, April 11th, at the Four Points Sheraton in Wakefield. We wish to expose new members (those that joined within the past 2 years) to the big family of Rotary. The cost is just $10 and the member will get it refunded upon attendance. Click here now to register.

The Rotary Leadership Institute is 1) a great place for new Rotarians to learn about the organization; and 2) to help provide those who wish to be leaders with a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills so important in voluntary organizations.
The short story: Our own Linda Doliber will host a RLI on our area.
Date: Saturday, April 27th
Time: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Where: Four Points by Sheraton, 1 Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA
Click here to register.
Thank you Joan McCormack, Linda Doliber, Zhenique Israelian, and Kathleen Murphy for contributing to this edition of Scuttlebutt.
(If you can’t do it on the specified date, please swap with a reliable Rotarian)
Tues., July 23 – Heidi Whear
Tues., July 30 – Patricia Sullivan
Tues., Aug 6 – Chris Stevens
Tues., Aug 13 – Vicki Staveacre
Tues., Aug 20 – Tim Shotmeyer
Tues., Aug 27 – Jim Rice
Food Pantry for July: Non-Cheerios cereal
Tues., July 23 – Induction of new member Young Aycock
Tues., July 30 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 6 – Club Assembly
Tues., Aug 13 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 20 – Club Meeting
Tues., Aug 27 – Club Meeting
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