Scuttlebutt November 8th, 2020
Tuesday we will hear from Heidi, Joan, and Judy Gates about the Sea Glass Village.  They have been working on this wonderful project and are ready to share their work with us.  If you know older folks who might benefit please share the zoom link with them.

This week everything is the Artist’s Reception!!! We all will be on the zoom call.  Invite your family and friends to the Facebook Live event.  The link will be on our webpage   Thanks to Cindi you can order meals to enjoy during the event from Louise Every Little Breeze,  the Landing, and Shubies.  Links on our webpage.  

POPS  We need an “all hands on deck” approach to this year’s event.  Everyone please check our webpage to order POPS merchandise and make donations. Linda D has wrapped the notecards beautifully. The giclee and prints are beautiful. And take a chance on the original painting by purchasing some raffle tickets.  We also need our members to contact merchants so they can advertise during the event.  This is OUR event, every one of us.  On Tuesday we may have a small preview to heighten excitement.

 to answer the question, "Where do my hard-earned dollars go when they are contributed to The Foundation Annual Fund?"  The District Annual Fund summary has just been published via ClubRunner. If you are listed as a member of RCOMH, you should be receiving District Newsletters. If you do not receive them, please do let Linda Doliber, Karyn Lang, Kathleen Murphy or Lauren MacCormack know! The Annual Fund summary is must reading for every Rotarian! Our money is not only well invested in "Doing Good in the World," but we have a say in where it is being spent! 
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