Marblehead Harbor Rotary
Week of May 21, 2023
Wow! This is a BIG issue with lots and lots of information.
Please read through to the very end!
This Week's Guest Speakers
Amy Zimmerman
Philip Bogdonoff
Food Forests
Amy Zimmermann is a member of the Takoma Park Community Food Forest group,
a group of volunteer neighbors building public food forests
at schools in their community.
She grew up eating fresh fruit from her parents' garden and
is passionate about the joy, community, and environmental stewardship
that food forests can bring.
Philip Bogdonoff is also a member of the Takoma Park Community Food Forest group,
in addition to being president of the board of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate.

What is a Food Forest…

  • A food forest, also called a forest garden, is a diverse planting of edible plants
  • that attempts to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature.
  • Food forests are three dimensional designs, with life extending in all directions
  • – up, down, and out.
  • Generally, we recognize seven layers of a forest garden –
  • the overstory, the understory, the shrub layer, the herbaceous layer,
  • the root layer, the ground cover layer, and the vine layer.
  • Some also like to recognize the mycelial layer, layer eight (mushrooms). 
  • Using these layers, we can fit more plants in an area
  • without causing failure due to competition.
  • ~ From Project Food
Please feel free to invite friends and family to this meeting...
just let Jessica know asap
how many will be coming so we can give Louise last minute notice.
Apologies, Louise!
News & Announcements
"Bring 2 on Tuesday"
When you do your food shopping,
please consider purchasing
2 additional non-perishable food items
to donate to the Food Pantry this Tuesday
and receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win
a surprise at the last meeting of this month -- May 30.
Our help is still needed.
Thank you for anything you can do.
$10 Full Breakfasts begin June 6.
"The Big Toe Plunge"
and the
"2-Day Yard Sale"
are now combined into a 2-day/2-event plan on
June 10 and 11.
Posters will be sent out this week so you can
begin inviting friends and family to come to both events.
• To help with the "Big Toe Plunge" with proceeds to benefit
End Polio Now, please speak to
Francie King and Tricia Sullivan
• To help with the 2-Day Yard Sale,
please contact Linda Doliber
Please mark your calendars...
our Installation Breakfast will be
Tuesday, June 13, 7:30 a.m.
As this is a special event, breakfast will be $15
to help cover the costs of this celebration.
New Opportunities to Sign-Up to "Chef"
at LifeBridge with Judith Black!
There is great fun and tremendous good feeling in helping
to prepare and serve dinners
with Judith Black as anyone who has helped prepare
New Year's Eve dinner knows for sure.
Now, Judith is inviting us to participate in more culinary good will by cooking
at LifeBridgeevery 5th Wednesday, starting with May 31 from 3:30 to 6:20 p.m.
 Here are the upcoming dates...
Wednesday, May 31
Wednesday, August 30
Wednesday, August November 29
Wednesday, january 31
Please contact Judith at
to volunteer for a date that works best for you.
Looking forward to Rotary Year 2023-2024  from Linda Doliber
RE: 2023-24 Committee Sign-Ups
Hoping that every member will be signing up for at least one committee.
Jessica and Linda will share being available for encouragement and advice as
ex-officios for the committees below.
Looking forward to an active 2023-2024 and having every member keep us on
track to more growth, great service to the community and the world, and
enhanced member experiences. Please keep your eyes peeled for great speakers
and potential Rotarians!
Membership Committee (Linda) - Ideas that have already been suggested:
Should we do a pilot change-up of a few meeting times during the year?
Do we want more fun and fellowship opportunities?
Service and Outreach (Linda) - Identifying potential needs in the community and
around the world.  Performing needs surveys before embarking on action to ensure
members’ buy-in and ultimate success.
Speaker Committee (Linda) - Additional members needed to ensure a variety of topics
and continuation of the high level of speakers we’ve had in the past.
Public Image and PR (Jessica) - Update and maintain current info on website,
Facebook, Instagram, etc..
Finance and Fundraising Committee (Linda) - Assist Treasurer when needed
and evaluate any new fundraising ideas that come forward for referral to the Board.
Care and Fellowship Committee (Jessica) - Interact with membership in
recognizing birthdays, significant anniversaries, deaths, family and member illness.
Foundation, Grants, Paul Harris Committee (Linda) - mentoring
newer/younger members on the process; generating ideas for grants.
Technology (Linda, Jessica, and Alicia) - Interact with Public Image and PR;
investigate improved, possibly reconditioned, equipment; Andy Barnett, resources.
Where would you like to serve?
And anticipating that EVERY member will want to serve on the Holiday Pops Committee(s)
and with the U.S. Postal Service's "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive, tenatively scheduled
for Saturday, May 12, 2024.
 The Scholarship Committee will be awarding
 scholarships to three recipients on Tuesday, May 30.
Lee Weed has contacted the students and their parents and
all will be joining us that morning.
Thank you to Lee and the entire Scholarship Committee for their fine work.
The Allocations Committee will report the charitable distributions
at this breakfast meeting - Tuesday, May 21 -
following the guest speaker presentation.
Member Updates
Karyn Lang
will become an Honorary Member on July 1.
We thank her for her many, many years of service to our Rotary
and are delighted that she will once again co-chair the Pops Artist Reception
and continue to participate in service projects as she can.
Alicia Reddin
has been appointed by our Rotary's Board of Directors
to serve as Vice-President Elect...a position that has gone
unfilled for many years.
We thank her for her willingness to serve our Rotary
and to be in-line for more leadership possibiities.
News from Rotary International's Branding and Public Image Office
In the spirit of Rotary's desire to be more accessible and inclusive,
Rotary International has asked individual
Rotaries to update their terminology.
In our case, this means we will be referring to ourselves as
"Marblehead Harbor Rotary."
This simple change allows us to present ourselves as less "club-y" and
to focus more appropriately on our commitment to
good will and better friendships.
In addition, our own Rotary logo will be updated to match the
national unified graphic identity policy. You will see this update on our
Big Toe Plunge and 2-Day Yard Sale posters coming to you soon.
Did we forget to mention anything?
If so, let us know on Tuesday in person or on Zoom.
Thank you, everyone!


May 30
Rotary Mongolian 21|21 scholarship program
Wednesay, May 31
North Shore Hearing Foundation Fundraiser at
The Landing Restaurant
May 27-31
Annual Rotary International Conference in Melbourne
- next year in Singapore and then in Calgary
June 6
Doug Hill and Team
"The Great Gatsby: The Musical" and its
World Premier at MLT
June 10-11
The Club's
2-Day Yard Sale
"Big Toe Plunge"
June 13
Club Installation Breakfast
Saturday, June 17
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Marblehead Museum's 
"Formal Gardens with a Storied History"
Visit "the most stunning garden in Marblehead" at Brian and Nancy McCarthy's home on Crowninshield Road. Tickets Required. Visit
June 20
Bryan Lamoreau
June 21
District Installation
June 27
Joan Arsenault and
Erin Casey
Ipswich River Watershed
July 1
Beginning of
Rotary Year
October 10
International Mental Health Awareness Webinar
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