Hello all,  and welcome to Thanksgiving week.  Lots happening on the football front.  Both the MHS girls and boys won their weekend games.  Yea to them.  And the Patriots did well on Thursday.  So if you are a football fan things are going your way.  For the more creative among you:

Be sure to send to Don your completed ballots.  We need to determine our leadership for the coming Rotary year. 

Our Auction is going well AND it also needs attention from ALL of you and your friends and families.   Jess is posting updates on FaceBook.  Please share with your FB friends. 
From Jess: here are the statistic updates for the Holiday Pops-of-Fun Online Auction as of Nov 18th at 1:30 p.m. …
Possible Revenue if all 36 items sell for their full value
Money Raised so far…
Number of Bids
Days Remaining
18 Days
Auction ends Monday, December 6, at 5 p.m.
• We are 18 days and $7,768 away from our full potential. 
• I do hope all members are helping to promote this auction through their friendship circles and various networks.
• It may be that bidders are waiting until the last days of the auction to submit their bids so that they do not end up boosting the bidding levels or  “bidding” against themselves. 
 More individual items will be posted on Facebook until all items have been featured before December 6.
Thank you for your support of this fundraising initiative.

We have many service projects going at this time.  All very worthy of our time and efforts. 
Assembly of the buckets will be Monday 11/29th starting at 9:00 a.m. and, if we don't finish filling the 50 buckets by noon, we'll return on Tuesday 11/30th at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers are asked to put in whatever time they can give, but we hope for at least an hour's commitment. 4-6 volunteers will be needed on the 29th and, if necessary, on the 30th. The wearing of masks is strongly encouraged, as Marblehead numbers have risen from two weeks ago.
Info for the Assembly Line: The filled 2 gal. buckets will each weigh around 12 lbs. and should be liftable by able bodied volunteers as well as by the senior citizen recipients.  For the assembly phase, there's no expectation that any volunteers with back or medical issues will have to do any lifting. (Part of the assembly will be applying Rotary decals to the buckets before they get filled.)
Senior Citizen Pickup: The buckets will be picked up by seniors on Monday and Tuesday 12/6 and 12/7, 9:00 a.m. - noon. Our volunteers will be bringing the buckets out to the seniors' cars. Looking for two volunteers for 12/6 and two volunteers for 12/7.
Deliveries: For seniors who can't pick up their buckets at the COA, two Rotary volunteers will deliver the remaining buckets to doorsteps, using the COA bus and driver from Wednesday 12/8 through Friday 12/10, 10:00 a.m. to noon; again, two volunteers will be needed for each of those three days. Volunteers must be masked. Delivery volunteers will not be entering recipients' homes, and they and the recipients will not need to have any personal contact other than, perhaps, a greeting from the bottom of the stairs by the volunteers when the recipients answer their doorbells.
Service is what we're all about. Thank you for considering this opportunity! Please let Linda or Don Doliber know your availability by Sunday 11/28. Phone: 781-631-6938 or email:
2. Edith Dodge Distribution
From Joan Cutler:  After a year on hold the Edith Dodge distribution is back on.  We need to have teams who will distribute cookies and or oranges.  Pick up days this year at the Mary Alley.will be Wed. and Thurs. Dec. 7th and 8th, from 8:30 to 4, or Fri. Dec. 9th from 8:30 to 11AM. At that time a folder containing necessary information, along with individually addressed cards, will accompany the gifts for each route. Returning information is in the folder as well. 
Each team can pick a route from the ones not previously chosen. Deliveries cannot be done after dark, nor can any gifts be left on doorsteps. The weekend often works well.
We ask a commitment of three attempts to reach our recipients, either in person, or by phone when possible, with follow up delivery. 
Thank you to RCOMH for once again participating in our gifting project.  
At our Tuesday meeting we will set up our teams.  You can team up with a friend or family member they do not need to be a member. 

  1. Winter Coat Drive
Our colleagues in Lynn are coordinating with another Lynn group to collect winter coats.  We are determining our storage place which should be determined soon.   As you are bringing out your winter clothes please look at your extra winter children, teenage, or adult winter jackets and coats and be prepared to share with other less fortunate.

4. Marblehead Food Pantry
From Janet Parker:  For Thanksgiving we are pretty well set.  We have an annual tradition where the high school and some other town schools donate "fixings" to accompany turkeys that we give out.  Some of the classes also collect items for our pantry, and the 5th grade always collects toiletries for us.  This is a suggestion that you had made possibly for the Rotary. The items do go quickly, so perhaps we'd be ready again for toiletries at Christmas, or, as you suggested, perhaps toiletries and paper goods (toilet paper and paper towels, not napkins please...We've somehow accumulated a lot.

At Christmas (December 21) we will also be doing a distribution of a turkey or ham and some sort of fixings, and we wondered whether the Rotary would want to collect some of the "accessories" to such a meal, such as after-dinner mints or other chocolates, nuts, and olives.  Either of these would work for us and be helpful to us, and we'd also be open to other possibilities if someone has an imaginative idea.
Since we're now working with Christmas we have a few more weeks to finalize plans.   Thank you all so much for reaching out to us.
Best to you all,
I will check with Janet relative to delivery times etc.
Lots happening.  
Russell Hampton
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