This week is a Club Assembly, aka business meeting.  There are a few items to discuss. 
  1. Our Installation Breakfast meeting to be held on June 21st.  We would like all members to attend to welcome in Jessica as our president and our new board members.
  2. Our Scholarship Breakfast on June 14th.  We have awarded scholarships to 3 newly graduated MHS seniors, now alumni.  They will be present at this June 14th meeting as will their families.  The ability to provide scholarships is our primary service activity and therefore the primary purpose for our fundraising.   I know you all are proud of our ability to support our MHS students in this way and would like all of you to participate in this breakfast meeting. 
In the last few weeks, the number of members at our morning meetings has been small.  We have had some fantastic speakers.  I feel embarrassed when a speaker has made the effort to prepare a presentation and to come to our meetings and so few of us are there.  Particularly on the 14th and 21st please remember your commitment to our club. 
Last week Rev Clyde Eldrige from St Andrews and Kelly Gaule from the Lynn Shelter Association presented on the local homeless concern and the upcoming fundraising concert.  Please check out the information on
Kelly shared an ask I am relaying to you all.   We are in desperate need of sizes 4 and 5 diapers, so if you all can help in any way, we would be so grateful!  Please bring to our Tuesday meeting or drop off at Tricia’s home and I will get them to her.
Warm regards,
Kelly Lynn Shelter Association
Scuttlebutt ay 29th, 2022
This Tuesday we will be pleased to have with us Rev Clyde Eldrige speaking about the Homeless Shelter in Lynn.  Our club recently supported a shelter in Lynn.  Those of us privileged and fortunate enough to have nice homes need to be aware of the situations others are in.  Also in Marblehead there is increased discussion about multifamily dwellings along the MBTA bus routes and also accessory dwelling units.  We anticipate having more speakers about this issue.
You all should have received an invitation to our upcoming Instillation welcoming Jess and our new board. If there is someone you would like to invite, possibly someone interested in service and our shared values, please let Jess know so she can send an invite.  Please RSVP to Jess so we can inform Louise how much bacon and other food she needs to prepare. Jess has chosen Friends Forever as this year’s recent of the happy and donation instillation dollars.  These funds will be submitted in honor of Cyndi’s to the organization.  
Our scholarship recipients have been notified and invited to an upcoming meeting.  We also have received a very nice note from a prior recipient who is now graduating from college. She thanked us for helping her on her way.  Helping other through our service and philanthropy is such a good feeling.
At our recent Board meeting we discussed our fundraising for next year.  We anticipate having POPS and the Artist Reception.  As in past years all members are needed to make this a success. 
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