Scuttlebutt October 24th, 2021
“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”   Lou Holtz
I want to add this quote to Don’s valuable contributions to our meetings.  I thought this quote describes our club.  We have the talent, the motivation, and a very positive attitude toward making the POPS auction this year a huge success. Jess, our auction organizer, has received many interesting items that highlight who we are as Rotarians, and she has also welcomed some unusual donations. Jess will highlight some of these at our Club Assembly this week.  We will be linking our PayPal account to the auction website this week and then we can all check out the items. (Does the phrase insider trading apply?)
Nominations for leadership positions in our club are still open. Please look at your calendars and be introspective as to how you can participate in the future direction of our club. Please contact Tricia  or Lee at to make a nomination of yourself or another (after you have receive consent).
Today is World Polio Day.  I went to a very informative Polio presentation sponsored by our District.  Please look at the recording of this event:

At our recent BOD meeting we decided to explore to a greater extent the proposal shared with us by Bill Sert that describes his model of a water project. Please let Jessica or me know if you have any engineers in your life who could assess the proposal and share with us their evaluation.
Russell Hampton
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