December 11
Greeter: Larry Proctor
This Tuesday the Club elects Officers and Directors to fill open positions on the Board of Directors. An official ballot will be made available to all those present at the morning meeting. Anyone can nominate other club members for the open positions. If you wish to do so, please see Michael Cognata or John Williams Tuesday upon arrival.

Maestro Dirk Hillyer leads the Hillyer Festival Orchestra and tenor Ethan Bremner (left)
Diane Barbour will be the guest speaker at this week’s meeting and she will report on the Holiday Pops. It was a wonderful event, filled with fun, warmth, and joy. The easygoing charm of Maestro Dirk Hillyer, the powerful, melodious voice of tenor Ethan Bremner, and the gifted Hillyer Festival Orchestra were the centerpiece of Saturday night at the Abbot Hall. Reunited friends, families to whom the Pops have become a ritual, and newcomers to a great Marblehead tradition filled the Hall. Scuttlebutt has photos – thank you Beth Robinson and John Williams – taken during and before Saturday night. You can see some below, and more on our Facebook page.
The Club is grateful to the many members and friends who helped made this event a success, including Diane Barbour, Anna Geraghty, Brett Lazar, Pam Peterson, Jessica Barnett, Trista Christensen, Melissa Stacey, Jim Rice, Linda Bassett, Jim Nye, Tim Havens, Bob Erbetta, Karyn Lang, Bob Picariello, Cyndi Kilbarger, Joan McCormack, Kathleen Murphy, Chris Stevens, Judy Black, and John Williams. My apologies if any volunteer went unmentioned.

December & January Food Pantry Donation:
Canned fruit and Applesauce
Shelves at the Food Pantry “never so empty”
Janet Fitch Parker, of the MHD Food Pantry, will welcome all food donations this month, because she has never seen the shelves so empty. So, please do bring in your donations of canned fruit and if you can make any additional non-perishable food donations on Tuesday, know that Janet will greatly appreciate your extra generosity.
Give yourself a pat on the back. Our Club raised $740 on the spot for Making Ends Meet, after a presentation by Dee Vigneron and Will Monks, during our morning meeting on December 4th. This is a sign of exceptional generosity and we thank all who gave extra for fines and happy dollars to help this local organization provide for the less fortunate. Learn more at:

(Photo by Don Doliber)
Linda Doliber and Larry Proctor rang the bell for the Salvation Army recently at Crosby’s. Linda confessed that “yes, Larry, I arrived after work and was 15 minutes late but I made it up on the other end😀) Jim Nye and the Interact kids really need our help in the upcoming weeks before Christmas! There are still many available shifts; and, while it's bundle up weather, ringing the bell really reinforces one's faith in basic human goodness. Donations were generous and gladly given by lots of Crosby's customers.” Click the link for the signup schedule and please volunteer:
2017 Lifebridge NYE cooking team
A very hearty thank you to Lenny Cameron who donated $300 to cover the cost of the “brilliant meal we will create at Lifebridge on New Years Eve.”
Judy Black coordinates the initiative and will recruit volunteers for what she describes as a “fun and gratifying thing to do with plenty of party time once we are done!” Volunteers are needed in Salem, December 31st between 4 and 7 PM, to cook and serve dinner to those (approximately 100) who come to the Lifebridge shelter. See Judy at the meeting if you would like to help.

Get in the holiday spirit with Heidi and Bruce Whear’s Holiday Open House. “Festivities for Marblehead Harbor and Salem Rotarians and their significant others, will last from 6:30pm until 11:00pm, on Friday, December 14th, at the Whear’s: 107 Puritan Lane, Swampscott MA. Pot luck. Loads of cheer. A warm fire. Stimulating conversation,” promises Heidi.
Bring your favorite dish for all to enjoy. If you are not sure about what to bring, or have any other questions please reach out Heidi by e-mail (click here), or phone at 781-718-9584
During last week’s Club meeting Judy Black delivered a short but vivid presentation on the impact of plastic pollution in the oceans. Some of her holiday tips: wrapping gifts in vintage road maps, newspaper comics, kid's drawings, brown paper bags, fabric, scarves, and tea towels. Washed out jars and tins can also provide great containers for presents. If you would like to change your relationship with plastic, click this link for more info.
Thank you Linda and Don Doliber, John Williams, Zhenique Israelian, Jessica Barnett, Kathleen Murphy, Judy Black, and Beth Robinson for contributing to this edition of Scuttlebutt.
(If you can’t do it on the specified date, please swap with a reliable Rotarian)
Tues., Dec 11 - Larry Proctor
Tues., Dec 18 - Bob Picariello
Tues., Dec 25 - Christmas Day (no club meeting)
Tues., Jan 1 - New Year’s Day (no club meeting)
Tues., Jan 8 - Pam Peterson
Tues., Jan 15 - Jim Nye
Food Pantry for December and January: Canned fruit and Applesauce
TOMORROW - Club Election
Tues., Dec 11 - Diane Barbour reports on the Holiday Pops
Fri., Dec 14 - Heidi Whear Holiday Open House (6:30pm)
Tues., Dec 18 - Janet Parker, Director, MHD Food Pantry
Thur., Dec 20 - Board Meeting (5:30pm at Lee Weed’s residence)
Tues., Dec 25 - Christmas Day (no club meeting)
Tues., Jan 1 - New Year’s Day (no club meeting)
Tues., Jan 8 - Melissa Stacey, Classification Talk (Discover MHD)
Tues., Jan 15 - Kathleen Murphy, Classification Talk (Real Estate Services)
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