Scuttlebutt November 15, 2020
Hello all,  A very successful Artist’s Reception was had on Thursday.  Thanks to all who made it possible including Jessica, Lauren, Andy Barnett, and of course Steve Limon.  For those of you who could not be there this link will take you to the event.   If you copy and paste it into google you can see the entire event.
We had almost 50 folks on zoom, Steve’s family and friends, our high school classmates, our Rotarians, and others on FB live.
Steve’s painting is now at Arnould Gallery for your viewing pleasure. 

Now on to the POPS.  Obviously, we need to have everyone involved and there are many ways you all can contribute. For example: at our web site you can purchase giclee or prints of the beautiful painting, notecards which also can be purchased at the Marblehead Museum and Arnould Gallery, and raffle tickets for a chance to own the original painting. A former member chose to support the club by purchasing many notecards and having holiday messages printed inside.  Our printer, Rotarian Dave Gardner, is happy to do that for you. Donations from you and from your family and friends are always appreciated. 

SOUND THE HORNS  Sol Black will be joining us this Tuesday to share with us his experience with demining places where land mines still pollute the ground.  As a physical therapist I know the devastating effect of these landmines for people, many children, who walk, run, across fields end up stepping on a mine. If they live, they frequently have leg amputations. PTs come in to help them walk again. An important topic.
Russell Hampton
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