Welcome from Co-Presidents Linda Doliber & Jessica Barnett

Welcome from the Presidents!

Picture yourself as a vital member of a collective—a team driven by a genuine commitment to service and giving back in action. This was our vision at the inception of Marblehead Harbor Rotary in 1996. Energetic, interactive, and devoted to supporting each member's unique service focus, Marblehead Harbor Rotary offers all the opportunity to engage in a multitude of service opportunities and passion projects. These initiatives have benefited numerous causes and organizations, spanning from our local community to global reaches.

As Co-Presidents, we reflect on the significant achievements our club has accomplished through the years. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate leading our club as we celebrate our 27th birthday. Despite our clubs youth, we have demonstrated remarkable impact, and shown unwaveringly support to Marblehead and neighboring communities since our inception.

Do you have a passion for aiding others?

Are you seeking connection with like-minded individuals who share our fervor for "Service Above Self"?

We extend an open invitation to you—join us for one of our weekly breakfast meetings. We warmly welcome all who are interested.


Yours in Service,

Linda & Jessica